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Born in Chicago, raised in San Francisco, educated in Atlanta and Washington, D.C., entrenched in North Carolina. Originally licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia (currently inactive), and, since 1987, in the state and federal courts and administrative agencies (DMV) of North Carolina.

This boutique law practice is based in downtown Durham on historic “Black Wall Street” in the landmark Mechanics & Farmers Bank Building. Consultations are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY — no walk-ins.

Main Territory: the Piedmont counties (central North Carolina), but willing to go wherever needed in-state.

Committed to zealous defense of individual rights, at even at the most basic level, from traffic infractions to major felonies. Over 25 years’ experience helping drivers with “impossibly” suspended drivers licenses recover full driving privileges (NC only). Available to consult with employers, out-of-state residents, commercial drivers, and lawyers needing specialized skill-sets in resolving complex (permanently revoked) license restoration projects.

Committed to fighting against unfair prosecution, mass incarceration and over-criminalization, especially of under-privileged youth and the historically oppressed. Tailored affordable installment payment plans available through association with and support by approved cause-based affiliate marketing organizations.