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Civil Rights

Thorough Durham Attorney Defends Against Civil Rights Allegations

Experienced North Carolina firm advises government bodies, officials and individual clients

When someone alleges that their civil rights have been violated, a comprehensive legal defense is necessary to challenge spurious claims and minimize potential liability. In situations like these, you need a knowledgeable attorney. At The SimeonLaw Firm, I provide authoritative counsel to municipalities, law enforcement offices and other defendants. My detailed understanding of 42 U.S.C. §1983 and the latest developments in civil rights law enables my clients to assess their legal options quickly and confidently.

Strong advocate defends law enforcement officers

As many constitutional protections relate to law enforcement, a large number of civil rights lawsuits allege some sort of police misconduct. I understand how volatile such allegations can be, even when the claims in question are meritless, and I stand up for the rights of law enforcement personnel and agencies in administrative proceedings and litigation.

Accomplished lawyer challenges discrimination claims

Discrimination claims not only expose defendants to potential damages, but can harm their public standing. If an individual or organization is being accused of discrimination, I will conduct an exhaustive review of the relevant facts to create an authoritative narrative of what occurred. Whether your matter relates to housing, employment, law enforcement or some other type of action, I will work diligently to reach a successful resolution.

Contact a dedicated North Carolina civil rights defense attorney

The SimeonLaw Firm represents North Carolina defendants in a full range of civil rights matters. I look forward to helping you challenge claims lodged by plaintiffs in state and federal court. Contact me at 919-695-3560 or online to schedule a consultation.

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